Bay Development Group


Bay Development Group. ("BDG") owns and operates over 120 wells on Texas State Leases in Galveston By.  The four fields - Trinity Bay, Fishers Reef, Redfish Reef and North Point Bolivar, comprise over 19,000 acres and have produced over 1.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 100 million barrels of oil since the 1950's.  BDG plans to revamp the infrastructure restore production to shut in wells, plug non productive wells and drill new wells in these prolific fields.

Bay Development Group, LLC.


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Bay Development Group LLC Properties.

Trinity Bay

-9,306 Acres

-500 BCFE Cum. Production

-49 Wells, 9 producing

Fishers Reef

-6,045 Acres

-400 BCFE Cum. Production

-26 Wells, 4 producing

Red Fish Reef

-3,440 Acres

-1,000 BCFE Cum. Production

-45 Wells, 4 producing

North Point Bolivar

-640 Acres

-7 Wells, 1 producing